Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year Project

Well it's a new year and one of my resolutions is to blog more consistently.  I have some pictures of my end of year projects but will put them in another post.  This post will be about the afghan I am making for the Craft Fair this year.  It is called "Timeless Blue and White" from the Leisure Arts book, Afghans for All Seasons.

This is a copy of the picture in the book 

I haven't totally finished it yet but I thought I would give you some pictures of the in progress squares.

The First Colorway (17 squares)

This is how the centers for the next 46 squares looked before sizing and hiding tails.

The centers after sizing and hiding tails.
The second colorway thru Row 4.
Second Colorway (18 squares)
First square of the Third Colorway, 27 more to go  :-).

So that is where I am at, at the moment.  Can't wait to get to the assembling stage, all the squares will be crocheted together not sewn. 
Be back soon with more progress  :-) 


  1. Wow, ambitious project and it looks lovely.

  2. Hi. I followed you to your blog from an old post that I found on a Crochetville forum about a double wedding ring afghan that you made. It is absolutely stunning!! I also looked at your ravelry page and saw it there too--I'm not stalking you--I was just looking for the pattern. :) I noticed on the crocheteville post you said that you had altered the original pattern and that you had permission to share it. I was wondering if it is at all possible and if it's not too much trouble if you could send it to me? I will probably end up altering it slightly myself. I am planning on using it as a border for a family tree blanket that I am cobbling together. When it's done and if it doesn't look too stupid I will be posting pictures of it. It's a surprise for my parents' 40th wedding anniversary so I can't pictures up yet. I have been scouring the internet for a couple of months now and I keep coming back to yours. It looks very similar to a pattern from Annie's Attic that I got off of ebay but I like how you did the strips around the ovals much better. It appears you are very busy, but if you could please let me know either way I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much and kudos to you for being such a great designer/crocheter/artist.

    Marie Richmond