Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This year was a quite time for my husband and I, we were on our own for the holiday so we decided to go out for dinner instead of making all the fixings for just ourselves.  Though I will be making a pumpkin pie later, fall just isn't right without some pie... :-)

Since I wasn't cooking and was thankful that some resturants were open (but then sad that the employees had to work), I decided to make a gift for our server.  There was a post in my "Blazing Hooks" group on Facebook for a turkey coaster that was cute so I followed the bunny trail here.  I made these up in no time.

What looks like yellowy-green on this one is the same yellow on the second one. 

I set the turkeys up on the table while we were eating, joking with our server that we wanted to have some turkey on the table.  It was kind of cute how many of the other employees found reasons to wander past our table during the meal (we were not in the main part of the resturant).  I gave the brown outlined one to our server at the end of the meal.  She seemed to like it. :-)

I used a "G" hook and worsted weight yarn, they came out 9" w x 7 1/2" h. I also just used Tacky glue to put on the face, which wont hold up to washing... oops.

I only found one error in the instructions, Row 4 of the Tail should read: 

Row 4 – New color: start at the ch1 space of previous row, ch3, 6dc in same space, *7dc in next ch1 space, repeat * until you reach to the end. fo.

Mine only have 6dc in each shell, I think the 7dc looks nicer.  I didn't find this error until I was joining the face to the back... lol. 

I also changed the joining to be slip stitch with the yarn to the back, instead of single crochet as instructed.  The spaces are the gaps between the shells of each row.

sc between shells, ch 1, sl st in space 1,
ch 1, sl st in space 2,
ch 1, sl st in space 3,
ch 1, sl st in space 4,
ch 1, sl st 2 in skipped stitches,
sl st in space 4, ch 1,
sl st in space 3, ch 1,
sl st in space 2, ch 1,
sl st in space 1, ch 1,
sl st over edge, ch 1, sc 7 ; repeat for each feather, sl st join to beg sc, FO. Weave in tail.

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