Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Craft Fair 2011

A Gathering of Angels

The fair went off without a hitch well, at least not any major ones... :-)  As always it seems like the boxes explode when they are unpacked.  I am amazed every year to see how much is displayed.  I know where the boxes are stored and this much stuff shouldn't come out of so few boxes... lol.

This was the Raffle Afghan - "Scandinavian Snowflake Throw" from Red Heart.  I used Super Saver for the White and some Donated yarn for the red.  Unfortunately for me the red was not really a worsted weight yarn and I should have gone up a hook for the red part.  Blocking helped, but it doesn't look as lacy as it could have.

Oh, and I had one upset husband when I told him all but one of the Pear Bread was going to the Fair.  Then our daughter and grandson finished that loaf off with him only having one slice... lol.  I will take pitty on him and make some more after Thanksgiving.

To see more pictures from the Craft Fair click here.

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