Thursday, November 18, 2010

Craft Fair 2010

Well to start with I forgot to take my camera... sigh!  I took some pictures on my phone but they are not the best, some of the other craft members took some so I hope I can bring you them in the future. 

The Craft Fair this year was a great success.  The hit of the show for me was seeing all the creative ideas made out of the cardboard cup cozies.  Judy & Susan out did themselves with some awesome creations.  Feel free to ping over to my Church's web site for a few pictures from the Fair.  All the items are made by the Craft Group (10 - 12 active members) throughout the year.   Craft Fair Pictures 

I usually make: silent auction afghan (this year it was the Snowflakes Throw), other afghans or lap throws, dishcloths, and amigrumi critters.  With my daughters wedding this year I really didn't make that much stuff, so I was amazed when wandering around the tables I found so many things I had forgotten I had made... lol.

Since I didn't get pictures at the Fair I have pulled a few from my albums of the things I found.  Enjoy!

Rudy the Reindeer

Arty the Armadillo

Cup O Joe TP cover
Designed by April Moreland

Roary the Lion & Ewey the Lamb

Tunisian Short Row Afghan
Designed by Kim Guzman

Snowflakes Throw
Designed by Tammy Hildebrand

Squares designed by April Moreland

Every year I can't seem to make enough of the Amigrumi critters, so this year I am going to have to start early and get more made (famous last words... I am a notorious procrastinator ).... lol.

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  1. beautiful work! I just started the Snowflake Throw and cannot figure out how to join them. Any tips???

  2. Hi Calico, email me at

    I corrected the pattern and may be able to help you.

  3. SnowFlake Throw:
    There is a link to my notes on joining the motifs in the original posting of this afghan.
    March 2010