Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rose Fillet Afghan

A Facebook group I am in, is having their 1 year anniversary this month and they have challenged the members to make something new for the anniversary.  They had a mystery CAL in the middle of February that made a baby blanket.  I wasn't that interested in the baby blanket but liked the flower motif.  When the challenge came along I thought back to that flower....  hmmmm.  Well I wandered down my own bunny trail thinking about that flower.  I wanted something light and airy and I have never done any fillet work before and the color I picked for the flower was a mauve pink, so.... I googled rose fillet charts   :-)  This chart really jumped at me.

This chart can be found at this site:

I then started playing with the flower from the MCAL and made it into a fillet-like square.  This is how the whole thing turned out  :-)

I had a lot of fun with the patterns and textures.  Now what to do next???

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