Saturday, February 25, 2012

Can't stop smiling :-)

I want to announce there is a new hooker in our midst.  My daughter has officially become hooked.  :-)

When Erika was 8 or 10 she wanted to make an afghan because she always saw me making them.  She/we picked out a pattern and got the yarn and started making squares.  Well.... I taught her each part of the square and made her make some of the parts but you all know I did the majority of  She would show it to her friends and say she made it, I would roll my eyes and say "yes she did"   :-)

Last year she said she would like to start crocheting again and could I help her relearn it?  My response... SURE!  I sent her some yarn and we found and easy pattern.  She chose the Jacob's Ladder pattern.  I had some donated yarn that would make a smallish afghan that I could use too.  So, over Skype we would sit and crochet together.  I had her measure her test swatch for gauge and I'm not quite sure what she measured but she agreed that it fit the gauge.  Well.... when she came home for a visit in November she brought the afghan.  It looked great but, she is a super tight crocheter!!!  Her 5 rows of Dc equals 2 1/2"!!!  I just shook my head and added more yarn to the box to be mailed to her home.

So here is her finished afghan.... TA DA !!!

She hasn't measured it but I would guess it is about 50" x 72".

She liked the edge of the Kitten's in a Row scarf so I explained how to do that edging, even the reverse single crochet stitch for the outside edge.  She caught on to the reverse sc so quickly it was awesome!  Once she got the hang of working backwards she zipped around the afghan.  :-)

Here is a close up of the edging.

She was thinking it took her so long to finish the afghan, starting in October 2011 and finishing February 2012 is not bad!  She also made in the same time frame: Secret Pal gifts, Christmas gifts, new Secret Pal gift, and Valentine gifts for Hubby. 

I would definitely say she is hooked.  Now she is looking for some yarn for an afghan for her Father-In-Law.

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