Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Here are a few things that I have done or finished up this spring.

This is a Lap throw, using the Short Row Tunisian technique.  Of course being in Austin I had to use UT colors.  I needed a third color so I chose brown for Mac Brown  :-)  The pattern design is by Kim Guzman in the October issue of Crochet World magazine

Tammy Hildebrand designed this wonderful Snowflakes Throw.  The tech editors did not do a very good job on her instructions so there are a few errors.  But after rewriting them correctly it was a breeze to complete.  I even got my sister to start one!  This is a free pattern at Red Heart.com or a tear sheet at Hobby Lobby.  The Hobby Lobby sheet does not have the border row instructions, and the web site still have some errors.  This is a shame because the pattern is quite simple and well done.  The end product brought a lot of ooohs and aaahs at the Craft Group.  It may become the silent auction or raffle item in this years craft fair.

Here is a link to my notes on joining the motifs together.

Sorry for the same chair in the photos, (you may see that a lot)  it presents the afghans nicely, and is where most of them are made.  lol


  1. I am currently working on the Snowflakes Throw and hunting around for anyone who has any tips on it!! I am not really a beginnger but I have always crocheted things relatively simple!! If you have any tips you can share or the errors you discovered when you did this, that would be wonderful!! Thanks!

  2. Heather if you are still working on the Snowflakes Throw I have a few tips for you. The pattern was not correct. Email me at ctawq_1@yahoo.com